Friday, September 16, 2005

The Dining Room

On the other end of the kitchen, in the north corner of the house, is our dining room. We textured the walls with a fresco look by applying a coat of mud to the surface, then 'dragging' it with a trowel, after which we painted the entire area (including the textured ceiling) with a light beige color (again, the "jumpin' jiminy") then ragged three different shades of brown ("umber", "burnt seinna" and 'hazelnut") over the top.
It really gives a nice old-world feel to the room, adding some interest to the small space (10x14), while providing a neutral backdrop.

Next is the veiw into the dining room from the living room (facing the west wall).
The kitchen entryway would be just off to your left....

As, you can see, we have an ecclectic mix of old American tastes,and luckily, we both share that affinity. Our dining room table was not in *that* shape when we acquired it; Thankfully, Billy has an exceptional talent for furniture repair/restoration, so we repaired it, stripped it, stained it, waxed it, and now we both love it!! (that was one of our first projects we did together, and still one of my favorite pieces)
The chairs (we have six) were acquired seperately, but they are also of oak, and of the same time-frame. I reupholstered the chair chair seats with a reminent bolt of fabric I liked, on sale at Jo-Ann's.

The drop-leaf table in the corner is yet another estate sale find (working there had its advantages, too) And the "bar" in the opposite corner is actually a mahogany sheet-music chest that we picked up at a yard sale.

And, this is the wall where my built-in shelves will be (eastern wall, facing into the living room). As you can see, Billy has finished the framing for them, but they are an "In Process" project. We are planning four open shelves on both sides, as well as an enclosed shelf on the bottom with tin-faced door fronts.

And, finally, just a pic of the clock I am making to hang in here; when I finally break down and purchase the clock workings, that is.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


SO, if you enter the hallway from the kitchen, Diagonally across the hall lies our only bathroom. Because its rather small,and also because of its proximity to the kitchen, we have used a similar color scheme throughout both rooms, but where we accented the cobalt blue in the kitchen, We've highlighted the hunter green in the bath, instead.

We've used the same floor tile,
as well as the threshold border tiles,
And, we added the ceiling beadboard and natural wood trim to the door and window frames in both spaces also.

ALthough we've left much of the wood stained only with golden-oak, including the chairrail and towelbars, we chose to pickle the beadboard on the lower half of the walls with a wash of green paint (Ralph Lauren, "polo green") prior to staining.

I used the same green paint for the sink cabinet, the interior door, and the linen closet wall, as well.

Because the tub,sink and toilet are white, we've opted to leave the linen closet shutter-door, and the interior window shutters white also (along with the window sash), and the sink fixtures have white porcilain handles that read hot and cold. (the handles of the kitchen sink fixture are also white porcelain)

The top half of the walls were wallpapered with paintable, textured paper, and then painted a nuetral color to blend in ("Jumpin' Jiminy" by Do-it-Yourself)

The shower curtain and the wallpaper border are what incorporate all the colors into the room, (green, maroon, blue,purple, beige, black and gold ~ yeah, I know it 'sounds'like alot in that space, but in reality, its not at all overpowering) along with the hand-crafted sealife metalworks made in Mexico and purchased at the Old-World Pottery Shop in St. Augustine.
(Aren't they just too kewl?! ~ I *especially* love my seahorse)

The dried flower arrangements, both the one on the floor and also that on the shelf above the commode, also help to tie all that color together.

And, so...looking in from the hallway, facing south from the front of the house, looking into it ~

~there's our bathroom; all 11 ft by 8ft of it. (Those dimensions are deceiving, however, because if you deduct the space for the tub and linen closet, its more like 8x5)

And, finally, a shot looking out into the hallway, and again, you can see thru to the kitchen. (You can also see that we haven't stained the interior doorframe in the bathroom yet, either!)

Shhh...but, I also want to remove the tub altogether and tile in a walk-in shower in that same space....another project for another day....