Tuesday, October 23, 2007

An uncracked stovetop

We finally replaced our flattop range! We had been living with ours having a huge crack straight through one of the burners (how that crack GOT there is a story I'll forego here, as I try not to say mean & nasty things about the mister when he's not around for me to rage on in person!), because trying to replace just the glass top was almost just as expensive as relacing the whole kit-and-kabootle...so, the cheap thrifty sort of folks that we are, we drug our feet procrastinated shopped around until we found a good deal...

Not only did we get a flattop range, but we also replaced our top-freezer fridge with a side-by-side. As you can see, (BTW, pls excuse the photo image, as Murphy jaws-of-steel ATE our digital, so the only 'camera' I have currently is my phone!)
The stove is black and the fridge is white, so they don't neccessarily "match", but that really doesn't bother me, so I'm okay with that.
Now, the thing is to get the fridge from the dining room into the kitchen, where it belongs!

Monday, October 15, 2007

A touch of color

The only thing currently 'blooming' in our yard

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WFMW: Backwards Edition

This week, they're doin' things a little different at Rocks In My Dryer, and today's Works for Me Wednesday is giving the participants a chance to ask "what works for YOU?", in hopes that we can perhaps get some solutions for our own pesky little problems around the house.

So...my first question posed to all of you is: Where do you store your bread??

I have a rather small galley kitchen, which gives me very little cabinet and counterspace, so a breadbox takes up too much prime real estate, and I don't like to store my bread in the fridge, because...well, because I don't like cold, hard bread. Currently, the breadbox is stored in the pantry, but again, the space it takes could be better utilized for canned & dry goods. So, tell me; Where do you keep *your* bread??

Another conundrum here in paradise: Where do you keep the pet supplies, specifically, leads, toys and treats? The leads currently hang from a hook next to the kitchen door (where we take them outside), and that's acceptable for me, but what about the balls, and bones, and socks, and stuff?? What's the best way to keep them accessible to the hounds, but not strung all over every floor in the house? Is that even possible, or am I a dreamer?? What about treats?? How and where do you store them?

Please do leave me any comments, tips, or distractions that address these problems for you...and while you're at it, why not post a question of your own...who knows? You just might get a solution!!