Wednesday, October 03, 2007

WFMW: Backwards Edition

This week, they're doin' things a little different at Rocks In My Dryer, and today's Works for Me Wednesday is giving the participants a chance to ask "what works for YOU?", in hopes that we can perhaps get some solutions for our own pesky little problems around the house. first question posed to all of you is: Where do you store your bread??

I have a rather small galley kitchen, which gives me very little cabinet and counterspace, so a breadbox takes up too much prime real estate, and I don't like to store my bread in the fridge, because...well, because I don't like cold, hard bread. Currently, the breadbox is stored in the pantry, but again, the space it takes could be better utilized for canned & dry goods. So, tell me; Where do you keep *your* bread??

Another conundrum here in paradise: Where do you keep the pet supplies, specifically, leads, toys and treats? The leads currently hang from a hook next to the kitchen door (where we take them outside), and that's acceptable for me, but what about the balls, and bones, and socks, and stuff?? What's the best way to keep them accessible to the hounds, but not strung all over every floor in the house? Is that even possible, or am I a dreamer?? What about treats?? How and where do you store them?

Please do leave me any comments, tips, or distractions that address these problems for you...and while you're at it, why not post a question of your own...who knows? You just might get a solution!!


Lisa Kay said...

I keep my bread in the microwave. I'd never accidentally turn on the microvewave w/o opening the door first (unlike the oven). Keeps it out of the way, but not in danger if a fire! :o)

And, for doggie items, we have a small decorative trunk (I think I got it half off at J0ann's or a home decor store). I keep it next to the couch and I can easily toss her items in there, but when it's closed - all looks neat!

Hope that helps!

Ann Kroeker said...

Oh, I like the microwave idea that lisa kay said just above!

I commented on someone else's site (same question) with the idea of a lidded picnic basket on top of the fridge?

We store ours in a drawer.

Elizabeth said...

Can't help you with the bread, as we do leave ours in the fridge. But I do have two dogs and we keep all their toys and stuff in a low, open basket. That way they have easy access, but I can clean up quickly by throwing everything in there. Leashes are hung up in the coat closet, and treats are kept in the pantry. I only have one or two kinds at a time, so they don't take up much storage.

sarah p said...

as for bread storage: I'm no help either. I keep ours in the fridge.

dog supplies: I have a decorative bowl that I keep on the bottom shelf of a bookshelf in the kitchen. That way our dog can get to them if she wants them. I have a cute glass container with a silver, screw-on lid that I keep under the microwave for treats. You can find jars like this at candle outlet stores or a place like Hobby Lobby or something.

Hope this helps!

Mo said...

Thanks ladies for all the wonderful suggestions...

Thing is, I don't have a microwave (*gasp*), but I *do* think the fridge-top might be the way to go; I have a nice roll-top breadbox, and right now that's wasted space (thanks, Ann!)

I luv the basket idea, so the gals can get at their 'stuff'; something I can keep next to the couch for 'easy access'...I'll have to hunt one down, I suppose...

And, while I'm at it, I'll look for some "cookie jars" for them too! (good idea, Sara)

Thanks again for droppin' in!