Wednesday, August 01, 2007

The Living Room Walls

LoL...and, here we are literally YEARS later, and not so much more has been accomplished...I had some serious difficulties with this "new" blog set-up; for a while, I couldn't post pics or edit the layout or nuttin'!! (I'm *sure* it was ALLLL me!)

Anyway...I seem to be back in business here, so I thought I'd sorta keep faith with the "old theme" and post some pics of the living room re-do..which we're actually still in the process of...but, you get the idea!! And, without further adeiu:

I started the walls by texturing and painting the top 2/3 identically to the way I finished the dining room walls from floor to ceiling. This was a long, drawn-out, labor intensive endeavor, but the final results (in *my* estimation) is worth the effort!
Then, we purchased 4x8 sheets of finished 1/8" lawan (??), which we cut into 2x2 sections, to be used as diamond-shaped panels to span the lower 1/3 section of the walls (stained alternately in Golden Oak & Cherry), to ultimately create a sort of 'checkerboard' effect:

As you can see, we haven't finished securing all the pieces in place (which is simply liquid-nail and a few well-placed finishing nails), nor have we added the chair-rail. Truth be told, we haven't even finished cutting and staining all the panels, but its coming!! Slowly, but surely, progress is made...

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