Saturday, February 09, 2008

pantry reorganized/restocked

Well...I actually *did* clean out the pantry, recently - see!:

(sorry about the crappy pics, but get used to them! - the new camera isn't compatible with this useless piece of ...older model computer of ours!)

Anyway...that is, I am ashamed to admit, all food that I had to throw away, as some of those cans were dated 2006!! But, now I have alll the soups with the soups, and all the spices with the spices, jars over there, and boxes over here, and everybody is happier for it!! Now, my pantry looks more like this:

I realize its hard to tell, but it really *does* look much better in there!(Much more efficient now, too, I must say!)

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homemakingmama said...

Great job! Cleaning out the pantry always feels good. :)