Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Garden Flour (WFMW)

Like I said, this past weekend we trimmed all the oak trees on the property of their damaged and low hanging branches, and that gave us a huge pile of wood to dispose of.. what to do with allll that debris?!

Well, yesterday the mister brought home a little electric woodchipper that he has borrowed from a workmate, so that we might convert our big pile of branches and twigs into a more usable pile of wood mulch with which to create the two garden islands I envision in our backyard...

Now, *I* know where I want these islands, and *I* know what I want them to look like when they're finished...but how will *he* know where I want him to deposit the mulch he's created?? Well....I've decided to mark where I want the borders of the islands to be with a line of white flour that I can secure from the kitchen pantry. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly, the 'chalk-line' will be easily visible and easy to visually 'correct' the shape I want to achieve. Plus, its a thrifty fix, and readily available so I might actually get it done today!!

That Works For Me!!

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Zen Master said...

Sounds like you have a good plan.