Wednesday, September 05, 2007

WFMW : Brand-Loyalty edition (and, my 1st)

Okay….so, have you checked out Rocks in My Dryer? Every week Shannon hosts the “Works for Me Wednesday” blog carnival, where bloggers post helpful household tips that they find useful. I’ve been clicking around over there for weeks now, and have found all SORTS of good stuff – I’m talkin’ everything from recipes to how to store your paint rollers; cleaning tips, cooking secrets, arts & craft projects….I’ve picked out lots of useful info, but I’ve never played along. Until today.

See, today is the Brand-Loyalty Edition of WFMW. Today, the object is to post about the brands that have our loyalty, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to jump right in! And, after much thought and consideration, I realize I’m just not a very “loyal consumer”; I’m a cheap thrifty shopper, and I find that with most things I’m happy with a generic/store brand, or even a home-spun solution. But, there are a few brand-name products that I am loyal to:

~Dawn dishwashing foam; We do have a dishwasher, but I think in the 10 years we’ve lived here, I may have used it a half-dozen times. With just me and the mister, I’ve always done the dishes by hand, and have used Dawn liquid for as long as I can remember. The new dishwashing foam, tho, is absolutely wonderful!! Just one pump onto a damp sponge and you can wash an entire sinkful of dishes, so the bottle lasts forever!! Luv it! Luv it!!

And, speaking of wonderful …I love Clorox Oxi-Magic multi-purpose spray. I have a ceramic tile & grout kitchen countertop, and this is the best product I’ve found to remove the stains, rings, and smears without leaving a residue behind. Plus, it smells good!

I absolutely have to have Cottonelle TP; I like that its unscented, that its not too thin or tissue-paper-like, and I especially like that it doesn’t leave lint on my bum! (I hate that!!)

That’s really all I can think of, in terms of non-edible brands – food, now, is a whole different matter, altogether!
We’re die-hard Coca-cola fans in this house, no other cola will do! Then, there’s JIF peanut butter, Heinz ketsup, and Hellmann’s mayonnaise.

Do *you* have brands to which you're loyal? Certain instances where only *that* brand will do? Why not post here and tell me about 'em...heck, why not create a little WFMW post of your own, and head on over to Rocks in my Dryer to play along?!

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Zen Master said...

Looks like we like a lot of the same things. I've been thinking of trying the foam but I wasn't sure if it would be used up faster.

Thanks for sharing.