Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Curbing a cough (WFMW)

Lately, I’ve been battling a sore throat, a remnant of that lingering cold I’d been dealing with. I’m not much for taking meds, so I tend to lean towards more natural remedies, or something that is easily accessible.

With that in mind, I’ve found that taking a teaspoon of honey just before bed can help ease the discomfort of a sore throat, and suppress that urge to cough (and cough, and cough.). Dissolving 1 Tblsp. Honey and 1 Tblsp. Lemon juice in warm water and sipping that, can also help to suppress a cough from a cold. Plus, its good FOR you, as honey is composed primarily of carbohydrates and water, but it also contains a wide array of vitamins and minerals, including niacin, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium and zinc. (Just remember, honey should NOT be given to children under 2 years of age)

Hey – it works for me!

(What works for *you*??)


4urpets said...

That's a really great tip. I always have honey in the house!

Jes@beautyfromchaos said...

I was struggling with a bad cough not that long ago and discovered the same remedy. it worked great! and you didn't have to worry about taking it too often either!

Dawn said...

My husband has been battling a cough for the past week and he's not been able to sleep well. I emailed a link to your post to him at work. We'll try it tonight!

Infinity Goods said...

Great tip. I do that too and it really does work.

Hairline Fracture said...

Just what I needed--I'll try it tonight. I hate coughing all night.

Mo said...

Hey, y'all,thanks for droppin' in.

I *always* have it on hand too, 4urpets, and I LUV it, so that makes this 'remedy' twice as nice!

And Jes made another great point - no chance of 'over dosing' on it!

Well...I hope it help(ed) your hubby, Dawn, and *you*, too, hairline fracture!

It *really* DOES work, huh, infinity goods?!

Again - thank you all for droppin' in...hope your week is fantastic!! (do come by and see me again!)