Friday, February 05, 2010

Solitude of sunset

I think the sun is coming back to the SUNshine state; I see temps in the low 70's on my thermometer, but it looks like we may get some rain later today...

Only in quiet waters do thing mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world. ~Hans Margolius

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Linda said...

Hi Mo, and welcome back! Honestly, I think I like your sun-filled sky shot so much better than mine this week as it exudes warmth whereas mine exudes a sense of cold (which of course it was - about ten degrees worth of cold!).

Fingers crossed for slightly warmer weather here in the northeast soon!

Calico Crazy said...

Love that glowing orb setting on the horizon, we could use some of that here. ~ Calico Contemplations

Looking @ The Sky on Friday said...

Oh, to see the sun again! It would be so nice. I'm so tired of snow and rain. *sigh*

This is a brilliant photo. I love how the sun is dancing off the water. Perfect!

Thanks so much for playing along.

Have a great weekend. Happy Friday!

Anna said...

That is just gorgeous! I love the reflection.

Mo said...

Hey y'all! Thanks for droppin' in; it sure is good to be back at it, I gotta say!

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead!