Friday, February 05, 2010

Rejoining in the rejoicing

Hi there, friends and readers - After a long break in posting to my blog(s), I've decided to try and get back to it; And, since this has always been a favorite exercise of mine, I thought I'd jump back in here today, by participating in

a place to come on Friday's and think back over your week and just post about 5 favorite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favorite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, etc., etc

1. my favored blogging memes ~ one of the things I missed most about blogging were the weekly exercises that keep me in touch with those bloggers who are of like mind, so to speak! So, I participated in many of my favorites this week (Cats on Tuesday; Tuesday Teasers; Wondrous Words Wednesday; Dogs on Thursday; Look at the Sky on Friday is up next, and of course, Friday Fave's!) Lot's of fun, and lots of great folks who I missed 'chatting' with...It's good to be back, y'all!

2. good reads ~ While I was away, I also took a hiatus from reading; Not purposefully, mind you, it just seemed that nothing I picked up could hold my attention for some reason. But, recently I've decided to go back to some authors who are "old favorites", and that seemed to get me out of my slump and back in the swing of things! This week, I'm reading the next installment (for me) of Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child's books, "Brimstone" (I do luv me some Agent Pendergast, now!) and so far, it's really, really good...

3. spinach & feta salad w/ raspberry vinaigrette dressing ~ I seem to be totally addicted to this stuff; but, I suppose, health-wise, if I'm going to be crazy over some food, this isn't a bad choice at all!

4. a little extra cash ~ The mister was recently put on salary where he works, and it seems that with the transition, accounting had somehow missed a week's pay (actually, they held a week when he started, and are now paying for the current week's work, so it wasn't technically "missed", just a bit behind!), and this week they remedied that situation, which means a little more in the 'ol bank account, and THAT'S always a good thing!

5. Christmas pics ~ I was fortunate enough to get to spend some time with the mister's family over the holidays, which means I got to spend some time with my favorite kiddos, and just this week, my beautiful SIL sent me some of the photos that were taken during our visit:

And, what about you? What were the highlights of your week? Be sure to head on over to Living to Tell the Story and share your Friday Faves with Susanne and all the other wonderful participants! And, until next time...

May every day be filled with your Favorite things!


elizabeth said...

Well welcome back to blogging! Sometimes I tell myself I spend too much time on my blog and reading others, but I do so enjoy it. And you've named some new to me memes to check out, so thank you!

Love, love that salad!!!

Stephani said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your salad choice. I make similar salads that I love. I always add blue chees crumbles along with the feta. Probably not as health this way, but I love the flavor. I'm going to check out the others memes you mentioned. The Friday Sky looks neat. I might participate in that with my daily photo blog. Nice to meet you. Have a great week!

Brenda said...

I have some feta and raspberry vinegrette, so I guess I need to pick up some spinach for that salad!

Those meme's look like fun.

Have a nice weekend.

Mo said...

Hello, ladies, and thank you all for your welcome comments.

The salad is yummy, I'm tellin' ya; lol..I'll have to try the bleu cheese addition, Stephani!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend ahead...

Susanne said...

Welcome back!

Yummy, anything with spinach and feta is right up my alley. Love both of them and I'd be addicted too!

I had a great read on my list too! I love when I find a book I can't put down.

Laura said...

A good read is always a blessing!

Sounds like you had a great week. I hope the upcoming one is as filled with "faves."