Monday, June 22, 2009

Bayonet Bloom

We have two stands of these Spanish bayonets - at least 2 dozen plants in all - but so far this year, only one of them has produced a bloom; Ah, but what a big, beautiful bloom it is!

No two gardens are the same. No two days are the same in one garden. ~Hugh Johnson

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That is a new flower to me! And it looks so beautiful! The last shot is really great, showing very clear the beauty of the flower!

Thank you for posting on Today's Flowers! And have a great week!

Gunilla said...

Fantastic plant and what a beautiful flower I have never seen that befor.
Thanks for sharing

Gunilla in Sweden

OldLady said...

Valkyrien from Norway, Gunilla from Sweden and now me from Finland...heh
I must say the same...never seen this flower, but it is so beautiful. How it smels?

Marju said...


Argentum Vulgaris said...

Just here to wish you a Happy Blogoversary, neat blog you have here.

New flower to me too...