Tuesday, March 09, 2010

March in the Garden

Well, it's been a long, cold winter, even here in Florida, and I gotta tell ya, our little patch is certainly showing tales! But, this weekend passed, the mister got me out to the garden center, and we picked up a few starter tomato plants (eight, actually, two each: Roma grape, Bradley, Bonnie originals, and Big Beef), a small pack of zucchini squash and a pack of Brussel sprouts....(other veggies to start: beans, carrots, cucumbers, lettuce, peppers, potatoes) Boy! the cold spell really raised the price of the veggie plants, let me tell ya! It's still not *quiet* warm enough to plant these outside yet, but we're thinkin' that's the plan for the upcoming weekend. First, we have to clean these pots out, the leftovers from last year's plants...

Plus, now is the time to prune all the cold-weather damage on some of the shrubs and plantings throughout the yard. It's best to wait until the first signs of new growth appear, so they don't take so long to recover. (Ya know, none of my azalea bushes bloomed this year...isn't it about that time?!) But, it IS starting to (FINALLY!!) look like spring is springing, my friends, and that means, soon, my jasmine will be blooming, the birds and the squirrels will be rustling throught the trees, and the sun will be upon us!! Don'tcha just LUV the anticipation of spring??!

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