Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spring's a-springin'

It's been a pretty good week here at the beach, my friends; the weather is warmin' up, festival season is just around the corner, and life is finer than frog hair!

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1. Well, unlike most other folks have been lamenting this week, I always like the time change, when we "spring ahead into the spring". It means the sun is up later into the evening, which means more time for walks with the hounds on the island, it means it's darker a bit later in the mornings -- my favorite, me-time of the day -- and just generally reminds me that the warmer weather is right around the corner, and that is ALWAYS a favorite thing!
2. This past Tuesday, the mister had a lean consortium to attend, which gave him a short day, and I was graced with his invitation for us to have lunch together! It was a nice little change in the middle of the week (Tuesday is laundry day, too - so any excuse, ya know?!). We had lunch at The Sun Dog Diner, I had an excellent sandwich of turkey, bacon and brie on sourdough bread, some superb coleslaw, and the best french fries at the beach!
3. After lunch, we stopped in at the local UBS (Tappin Book Mine) and I found new-to-me titles by three of my favorite writers (four, technically, if you would count both Preston and Child).
4. The last time I went to have my locks chopped, Rachel, my hair-gal, told me my hair was getting kinda dry, so we picked up some Redkin "Blonde Glam" hair conditioner from the salon, (which I never usually *do*, I just buy whatever's at the chain-mart when it's in front of me!) and, not only does it *really* work better than the stuff you get at the supermarket, but it smells delicious!!....
5. And finally, it's the start of the first official Spring weekend, and what's not to luv about that??!

So, tell us, what were the highlights of your week? Be sure to head on over to Living to Tell the Story and share your Friday Faves with Susanne and all the other wonderful participants. And, until next time...

May every day be filled with your Favorite things!


Carrie said...

The first official spring weekend is nothing to sneeze at. =D

I LOVE the look and the name The Sun Dog Diner. That's awesome! Looks like a fun place to have lunch at.

Have a great weekend!

ellen b said...

Oh Hallelujah for the first Spring weekend coming up! That diner looks like a great place for lunch! Have a wonderful weekend...

Barbara H. said...

You almost make me like the time change. :-D I don't mind it, but I do dislike the first night of losing an hour.

Middle of the week lunch dates are fun. Every now and then my husband is available for those.

Susanne said...

Yummy, that lunch sounds delicious!

I like the longer days too, it's just this first week getting used to the hour loss that kicks me in the tush. :vD

Yeah for spring arriving. Now if someone would just inform the weatherman around here to quit snowing, it would be awesome. LOL. Enjoy your weekend!

Annesta said...

What a lovely, lovely blog you have. So happy to have spent time visiting and reading about your week.
I agree...what's not to love about spring break?
And, I am over the time change...don't like it the next day but now it's all good!

Brenda said...

I agree, Spring is a wonderful time.

How fun to have lunch with your husband this week.

Laura said...

A middle of the week lunch together at the beach sounds like a real treat!

Happy weekend.

Robin said...

I love the end of Daylight Savings time too. It makes me so happy to have some sunlight AFTER dinner.

Have a great weekend.

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