Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Planting made easier (WFMW)

Okay, so I luv plants and flowers. My MIL knows this, so every year at Christmas she gets me Amaryllis bulbs to add to my garden. This year, along with my amaryllis (and some paper white Narcissus from my BIL) she included

Coir Fiber Coco Peat Disks, an organic potting medium made mainly from natural coconut fibers, that are entirely organic, nutrient rich and manufactured from renewable resources. And, not only are they used by flower growers, but are also used a a bedding material in commercial worm farms and golf courses because of its water retention qualities.

And, they are oh-so-easy to use! Just place a disk at the bottom of your container, add three cups of WARM water (it will stay hard if you use cold) and let it sit for 15 minutes. When you come back, your pot is FULL of planting mix, and you are ready to plant those bulbs!!

Pretty, huh? And, now, even easier to achieve! Pretty AND easy - THAT Works For Me!!


Abundand Frugal Life said...

I'm a plant lover too, but I've never used the discs. Can you find them at any garden center? Thanks for the great tip.

Mo said...

Wow...ya know, I really don't know the answer to that, but I'm assuming she purchased them at Home Depot or Lowe's or some such - This is really my first experience with them too, but all of the bulbs I planted this year are sprouting wonderfully, so I'm sold on the idea! I'll definitely ask her where she got them, and will post an answer on my blog...

Thanks for droppin' in!!

Kim@ForeverWherever said...

We've used these with seeds before and it worked great! They're so neat! :)

Mo said...

Glad to hear some positive imput from someone who's used them before, Kim - it gives me encouragement!

Have a wonderful weekend, and thanks for stoppin' in.