Friday, January 30, 2009

Post positive

So, those of you who are familiar with me from my other blog already know that I participate there in "Only the Good" Fridays; this is an effort begun by my cyber-pal Shelly over at This Eclectic Life, to post good things on Friday in order to "spread optimism around the Net like a virus". I LUV this exercise, and try to find some uplifting news to share each week in that vein. But, I try to keep those entries very 'generic', if you will, and share some good that's good for ALL my readers, ya know?

But TODAY....Today I found a great effort sponsored by Susanne over at Living to tell the Story that I just LUV:

It's a place to come on Friday's and think back over your week and just post about 5 favorite things from your week. It can be anything that tickled your fancy over the week. Favorite quotes, posts, happenings, scriptures, recipes, pictures, etc., etc.

Wonderful!! I think this is a great way to end the week, and so, I'm posting my first Friday Fave Five, right now!!

1. Well, Obviously it's this wonderful little meme...Friday Fave Five (I actually "found" it when I was doing my Simple Woman's Daybook entry; another little weekly project I enjoy!)

2. I actually made a weekly menu and we STUCK TO IT!! Now, *that's* a major feat in this house, folks! But, with the Mister now on a bi-weekly pay schedule instead of weekly, it was a much needed change of habit...hopefully, one that sticks!

3. Meatloaf. I luv meatloaf! And, ya know why?! Cause it's never the same twice - at least in MY kitchen! - it's a 'hearty' meal, and there are ALWAYS leftovers for sandwiches...yum! (this week's creation was just some onions, mushrooms, breadcrumbs and a drop of soy sauce for some 'punch!'...easy-peasy, and SOOO tasty! I think we just might have those hot meatloaf sandwiches for dinner tonite!)

4. I got ALLLLLL the trash, recyclables and yard waste out to the curb this morning (I have a bad habit of missing them some weeks!) including the smelly, ol' kitty litter that I changed out completely yesterday...

5. I am happy & healthy; I have a wonderful mister, two fabulous hounds and a terrific manx kitty to share my days with; I have a sweet, loving mother and wonderfully witty friends; I have a house at the beach, food in my cupboards and Spring is on the way!! What's NOT wonderful about THAT??!

Now, head on over to Susanne's Blog and tell everybody about YOUR Friday Fave Five!
May your Friday be Fabulous!


Susanne said...

I loved your very first Fave Five list! And now you have me craving meatloaf. I've never thought to put soysauce in mine. I'll have to give it a try this weekend.

#5 was wonderful!

Becky said...

Great job on your five! My word of the year is Simplicity and I love the way the Fav 5 and the Monday memes keep me grounded in the simple things.

Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Good job on making a menu and sticking to it! It feels good and its frugal.

Robin said...

I loved your list - simple and sweet - just like the best things in life always are.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jientje said...

Your first time too huh? For this meme I mean of course!!! I love the idea too, and it's in the simple things like getting the cat litter out or eating meat loaf.
And I'm counting the days till Spring, just like you!

ellen b said...

Those are wonderful Mo! Now you've got me craving a meatloaf sandwich doggone it! Have a wonderful weekend...

Melissa said...

These were great. Such feel-good "homey" faves! Great job on your meal plans, I strive for that many of weeks!

Gombojav Tribe said...

High-five for sticking to your menu!!!

Mo said...

Thank you all for stoppin' in; what a nice, warm welcome!

Thanks, too, for the "support" on the menu, Brenda, Melissa & Ms.G! (Can you believe it?! I have one all made out for the next two weeks - we'll see how that goes! lol)I'm tellin' ya, Susanne...try the soy sauce! You too, Ellen!!

I'm with you, Becky, on the 'simplicity' thing of my new year's goals!

Yup, my first go, too, Jientje...hope you had as much fun *your* first time!! *wink*

Thank you, Robin, for the well-wishes, and I do hope each of you have a fabulous weekend ahead!

Do come back!

Willow said...

Welcome to Fave Fives! I just came by to say hi and thank you for your comments.