Friday, March 27, 2009

Multiples in Five

Wow...this week seemed to fly by - I can't believe its Friday already. It must be that the warm, spring weather; It seems there's more time in the day to get things accomplished, yet there's still not enough of it to get EVERYthing done!

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This past week included not one birthday, but two! My precious, sweet niece turned 6-years old last Saturday, and the littlest angel just turned two, yesterday. Tomorrow is the big birthday bash for us 'ol fuddy-duddies to attend, but Sweet Girl's "party for the little people" was, apparently, a smashing success!

My beautiful niece and her two loving brothers

2. Not one, or two, but THREE new-to-me books came to my house this week! While we were at the grocery store, I found the next installment (for *me*) of Evanovich's Plum series ("Lean Mean Thirteen") in hardcover, for $6, so I added that to the cart! Then, I received a bookcrossing RABCK (Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness) from a generous reader who saw it ("Blasphemy" by Douglas Preston) on my wishlist, and was kind enough to share it with me! And finally, I received another GoodReads author giveaway ARC book, entitled "Land of Men" by Edward Muesch. From what I gather reading the previews, its a sort of sci-fi historical thriller; can't wait to crack THAT one open, either! (Oh, BTW, I *did* finish reading and reviewing "American Rust" - the last GoodReads title I told you all about - and if you're interested, you can read my review,here.)

3. Speaking of the grocery store, we got THE best Italian five-grain wheat bread from the Publix deli this week...OMGosh! it is soooo good!! In fact, I'm having a toasted piece with my coffee, as I type this! YUMMY!!

4. My neighbor friend has gotten some good news this week. See, she's been dealing with a serious medical condition for over a year now. She needs to undergo surgery (again!), and so she just underwent tests on her heart and stress-levels to determine if she IS a candidate for the surgery. This week, those test results came back positively, and now she can get back on the road to full recovery...I'd say that qualifies for a Friday Fave!

5. And finally, I am adding the fact that I washed/cleaned ALLLL the window treatments in our house this week, PLUS I washed the windows in all the living areas (still need to do the ones in the bedrooms...) including our ten pane front door - inside AND out!! The window washing part isn't the fave, obviously. It makes my list because I am ever-so-thankful that *that* spring-cleaning chore is out of the way!

So, how about YOU??! What are your Friday Fave Fives?? Be sure to check in with Susanne's at Living to Tell the Story, and see what favorites made the lists this week! Jump on in and add your list, too...its a great way to start the weekend. Until next time,

May your week be filled with all of your favorite things!


ellen b said...

Oh I'm so impressed with your spring cleaning accomplishment! I'm glad your friend had good news. Sweet celebrations always are my favorites too! Enjoy your weekend.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on washing your windows! Good spring cleaning. I love finding good bread too.

Willow said...

Did you just say, "washed my windows"? Now that I know it's possible to wash windows, will I have to go wash mine?

My friend was telling me about a book exchange and she is getting me a book I want, so I'm giving her my books to put on her account. What a great way to recycle our books!

Barbara H. said...

I am SO impressed with #5! And I so need to do that! Like you say, the process isn't much fun, but it looks and feels so good to have that all done!

Birthdays and books -- two of my favorite things any week!

So glad for your friend's good news!

Jerralea said...

Ah, but don't you love looking out of those nice clean windows? Good job!

Glad to hear your neighbor is on the road to recovery. Truly a favorite to be thankful for.

God bless you!

Susanne said...

Your friends road to getting better is definitely something to be on the faves list.

You hit the jackpot with the books this week! How fun. Happy reading.

I've started on the window treatments this week too. Now if I could just talk one of guys to get out there and wash the windows outside it would be great! :v)

Cherie said...

Kids birthday parties are the BEST! And congrats on the window washing project. Sparkling fresh windows. What a treat!