Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The view thru my windows (Tackle-it Tuesday)

Okay, so I admit it, folks; my tackle this week is the SAME ONE that I began to tackle last week; to clean all the windows and the window treatments. Now, I give myself some slack here, because I *do* have 13 double-hung, weighted windows, each with 12 individual panes to clean. Yes, the one in the bathroom is of a slightly smaller scale, but it too has 12 individual panes; and, that doesn't even include the two sets of Florida windows in the kitchen (which I hate, by the way, and would just luv to replace those with a nice garden window, but I digress...) or my 10-pane front door...plus, I figure there's more to life than doin' laundry and washin' windows, don'tcha think?!

BUT... I have got quite a bit of it tackled; I've finished the front door (see; you can see clearly now - no dog snot at all!), both inside AND out( please ignore all the leaves that have blown onto the front porch - it's been a windy week) , and have cleaned the inside of both the living room windows and the two in the dining room (but, obviously, they need some severe outside cleanin', as well!); I've got all the "exterior" curtains (swags?) washed and ready to hang back up, but, I'm currently soaking the sheer under-panels, that - obviously - must be hung first. And, I still have to do the kitchen, bedrooms AND bathroom windows yet -- including the shutters in there; I *hate* cleaning those shutters, but I do like the way they look, so....a gal's gotta have her priorities!

So, what are *you* tackling this Tuesday? Need some motivation? Be sure to head on over to 5 minutes for mom to get some inspiration, or to add a tackle of your own.

~ May all *your* tackles be productive ones! ~

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