Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tackle called off, due to rain (Tackle-it Tuesday)

Well, the plan was that for this week's tackle, because I am so woefully behind in this project to start with, was to plan and plant a butterfly/hummingbird garden in the yard just outside my kitchen window. While the mister gave the lawn its second mowing of the season, I *did* de-weed the little bushes which are already there. I'm not certain of the kind of bushes they are, but they produce delicate, white blossoms in the late spring, which the butterflies just luv!

Since the MIL gave me both a beautiful feeder AND the seed shaker for this Christmas passed, and my backdoor neighbor has offered me cuttings from her garden as well, I thought this week would provide a perfect opportunity to share my progress here, at Tackle-it Tuesday.

Mother Nature, it seems, has other plans for me, as today looks overcast and cloudy, with the weatherman calling for rain throughout the day, and so I am relegated to the typical Tuesday household chores, which for me include laundry, making dinner and sweeping the floors.

So, what does this Tuesday have *you* tackling? For your own participation, or just for inspiration, head on over to 5 minutes for mom and join in the fun. Until next time,
May all your tackles be productive ones!


L2L said...

regular chores are good too;)

Sue said...

A rainy day is a good time to read or cross stitch or knit and watch old movies- multi-tasking.

Actually a rainy day is a good time to plant as long as it's a gentle rain. The seeds will start that much faster.